I coordinate the team of Sales Engineers promoting awareness and adoption of CCH Tagetik Cloud Services.
My CCH Tagetik experience started in Technical Services, I was one of the founders of CCH Tagetik Cloud, then becoming the Cloud Operations Manager.

Before joining CCH Tagetik I co-founded XiaProjects Team, an open-source oriented team, where I started my experience in building wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff.

I’m specializing in “Computer Engineering for Management” at the University of Pisa (1 exam left!).
Passion and intuition, with knowledge and experience, are talents that I use in my work.

“I look at those pictures on the wall, it just makes me sad. Its like a room full of ghosts. When I’m done with the game, or the game is done with me, I don’t wanna be some ghost up on the wall, I wanna be more than that.’”
(Any Given Sunday)